What is Self-Leadership Coaching?

Self-Leadership Coaching is a powerfully transformative approach to leadership development that goes deeper and creates more lasting change than other coaching methods. It is inspired by the paradigm and method of Internal Family Systems (IFS).

Self-Leadership Coaching is leadership development from the inside out. We are working with your internal system of parts to strengthen your Self-Leadership.

Understanding the human mind as a system

Self-Leadership Coaching is based on the following assumptions and observations:

Self-Leadership = your Self is leading your system

The main objective of Self-Leadership Coaching is to strengthen your Self-Leadership. When your internal system is led by your Core Self rather than by your protective parts, you will be able to:

Common themes in Self-Leadership Coaching

Any difficulty or concern in your professional or private life can serve as a starting point for some transformative inner work with the parts of you that get activated around that issue. Common themes in Self-Leadership Coaching are:

Learn to do your inner work

My job as your Self-Leadership Coach is to guide you while you are working with your internal system. I will show you how to:

The stronger your Self-Leadership becomes, the better you will be able to do this kind of inner work on your own, without my help.

Get a taste of Self-Leadership Coaching

If this sounds interesting, I invite you to experience Self-Leadership Coaching. Just contact me to schedule a free trial session. I look forward to meeting you on Zoom.